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 At Fun Kids English we help children to learn and teachers to teach by creating stimulating, educational and fun English materials for young learners.

We are experienced and professional children’s language teachers based in Japan and our mission is to make FUN and EDUCATIONAL materials for young learners from all over the world! With many years of experience teaching young learners we always found it difficult accessing great learning materials that were both fun and educational. So, we started making our own.

Currently our materials include ‘Fun Kids Songs‘, a CD series of fun and educational songs for both native English speaking children and children who are second language learners of English. We focused on writing songs with natural language, useful subject matter and great melodies and music.

Listen to Fun Kids Songs Volume 1      Listen to Fun Kids Songs Volume 2

Additionally we have produced ‘Fun Phonics Readers‘, a 3 book series of graded children’s phonics readers for emerging readers. The books contain color-coding of phonetically irregular words for easy reading and pronunciation and particular attention has also been paid to recycling and building both language structures and word counts.Fun Phonics Readers 1, 2 & 3Each book contains 20 fun and enjoyable stories full of natural, useful language with stimulating illustrations to support the reader, all in a big A4 format.

Fun Kids English…Fun English for kids!


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