12 Amazing Things Scientists Discovered This Year About People Who Listen to Music

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Number 2: Rhythmic ability has been linked to language learning.

One of the first skills that children need to acquire when learning to read and speak is how to pick up on the rhythms of speech. They gain this ability to detect rhythms and define boundaries between words and syllables long before they can actually speak. So having a good sense of rhythm is very important to learning language. This year, we discovered just how important it really is.

Developmental psychologists at Northwestern University found that testing children for this rhythmic ability is a good way to detect potential language-based disabilities that may hit children later in life. Those that can hold an even drum beat score also higher on early language tests. The study’s authors suggest that parents and educators use rhythmic tests to try to identify and address any possible linguistic deficiencies while children’s brains are still young and malleable.

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